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Grateful Dead Live at Fillmore East on 1970-02-11

Disc 1 (10 tracks) [54:32]
--Early Show--
1 //The Other One [5:17] >
2 Cryptical Envelopment [4:28] >
3 Dire Wolf [5:17]
4 Casey Jones [ 4:32]
--Late Show, begin--
5 Intro and tuning [0:43]
6 Not Fade Away [12:26]
7 Cumberland Blues [5:00]
8 Cold Rain And Snow [5:59]
9 High Time [7:32]
10 Me And My Uncle [3:16]

Disc 2 (4 tracks) [66:39]
--Late Show, end--
1 Dark Star [16:45] >
2 Spanish Jam [9:50] >
3 Turn On Your Lovelig//ht [34:32]
4 Uncle John's Band [5:14]

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore East
Location New York City, NY

Source Master soundboard reels > DAT > CD > Plextor PX-708A extraction (EAC v0.95 prebeta 5) > tracking (CD Wave) > sector boundary verification (shntool v2.0.3) > .flac encoding (flac v1.1.0)
Transferred by EAC and FLAC encoding by Jack Warner


Patch for Dark Star: Master audience tape > ? > DAT > CD

Patches courtesy of an unknown benefactor (thanks to Bob Murphy for the source discs)

Unfortunately, no patch for Lovelight in this source


Reviewer: kerberbrian - - February 14, 2015
Subject: great stuff,
This is wonderful concert, i am new to this site, but can this be saved off to my computer? I would love to put this on my phone for my long runs(in training for my first half marathon) this would be perfect music to kill the monotony.

Reviewer: dbrennan - - February 12, 2015
Subject: Video
Anyone know of any video available?
Reviewer: rhino805 - - January 16, 2014
Subject: great show
I had this on tape for years, but this version is the best! I also have been reading Phil's book, and it is so awesome to finally know where that jam was from, because my old analog copy wasn't as informed. Thanks for all of this, ARCHIVE IS AWESOME! I have contributed, please give a few bucks to these people...they are keeping the legacy alive!
Reviewer: njpg - - February 11, 2012
Subject: This one is about as good as any.
It sounds like this evening was an early instance of Garcia's new fascination with single-coil guitars, which was the end of early Grateful Dead as far as I'm concerned.
Reviewer: clementinescaboose - - March 1, 2011
Subject: insanity
Dark Star>Spanish Jam>Lovelight is the serious goods! Spanish Jam is incredible, and hearing Greg on Lovelight is surreal, they are jamming for their life! one of the best shows ever...
Reviewer: wharfrat71 - - January 31, 2011
Subject: Hot Hot Hot!!!!
I think this is the best NFA I've ever heard. I can't talk about the rest of the show;I'll have to go get a shot because IT'S SICK!!!
Reviewer: grateful greensky - - January 31, 2011
Subject: Insane intense jamin
the music says it all!!sound is superb GRATE SHOW
Reviewer: bro47 - - December 11, 2010
Subject: dark star
dark star is the stand out for me, agree or dis agree.
Reviewer: Forever_Grateful - - May 19, 2010
Subject: Melts the mind
This show is hot beyond belief! Dark Star > Spanish >Lovelight is guaranteed to send you deep into the cosmos. A great copy of a star-studded performance.

The link to the cover art posted below no longer works, try this:


Reviewer: Shropy Dop - - December 24, 2008
Subject: difference
the other version sucks nutts
Reviewer: hgregs - - September 13, 2008
Subject: to paraphrase phil....
Was reading “Searching for the Sound” and had to look up this show after Phil talked about it in almost 3 pages of his book… here are some notes I took while I was listening:
• Jerry says to Phil of the ABB on their way to this show: “make sure you check these guys out… they’re kinda like us… They jam hard”
• Phil was startled when he heard Duane’s slide during Dark Star… Jerry hadn’t told him anyone would sit in
• Gregg “slides onto the organ bench” during Spanish Jam
• “Peter Green from the Mac plugs in just as I’m pulling the music into the dominant minor … he and Duane seem more comfortable in this space.”
• Butch joins on drums
• Mickey attacks his gigantic gong
• Mick Fleetwood and Danny Kirwan “find room to join the festivities”
• “it’s a surprisingly coherent free-for-all, with five guitarists , four drummers, organ, and – Pigpen roaring over it all”
• “Gregg takes a verse … Sounding like a fifty-year-old black man even then.”
• Pig and Gregg trade vocals
• Berry Oakley takes over on bass about halfway through Lovelight as Phil just wants to listen
• There’s a smokestack theme running throughout
• “my mind starts to stretch out of shape… Everyone on stage is flat-out wailing”

After the show, “I walk outside – it’s daylight, and snow is falling gently on the streets of New York… I grab Bob and Jerry in a group embrace: This is what it’s all about.”

Pilfering mdeloia below for the very cool picture/cd cover

i just listened to other version of this show (with like 56 reviews), which was great, but the quality of this one seems just as good. there are patches for the some of the missing segments (if not simply a more complete version).
Reviewer: deadhead654 - - July 7, 2008
Subject: Difference
Whats the difference between this version and the other one?
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